All servers are UP ! * Current events : none ! * Game Masters ingame : 4 * Last maintenance was on 21-03-2017 * Next donation event will start on 07-04-2017
Make sure you created an account before you download the Game Client.
Minimum Recomended
CPU Pentium 3 800MHz + Pentium 4 1.4GHz +
RAM 512MB + 1GB +
Graphics Card 3D accelerator Radeon 9800PRO + / Geforce 6600GT +
Sound Card Any DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

  • If your system is below minimum requirements:
  • The game may not load. If the game does load, it may be unstable and suffer from graphical problems.

  • If your system meets the minimum requirements :
  • It will be possible to play the game but we would recommend that you lower the graphical resolution to give your system the best chance to run smoothly.

  • DirectX 9.0c
  • To improve Multimedia and Game speed when you are running our client on the PC, you must install at least DirectX 9.0c


    The launcher will start the game downloading process.
    The game will download in nine stages and you can start playing immediately after Stage 1 is completed, while the other stages download in the background.
    After you click the Play Now button, the game launcher will switch to a smaller window and continue the download process while you play.
    If you mouse over the Stage number you’re on, you can see the progress bar.
    Game play will be limited* during the first stage but you can check the status of the download on a widget on the bottom right corner near the skills bar. You can use the widget to restart the game in Stage 2 and Stage 9 to complete the installation process.


    When the all the stages have been successfully downloaded, click Install Game.
    It will take a few moments to compile all the files that were downloaded from the stages. If you’re in game while the ninth stage is completed, you will receive a pop up telling you to reboot the launcher to start the game installation process.
    You are now ready to experience Iris in its fullest. The game will automatically launch unless you change it in the settings.
    For future launches of the game, just double-click on the Iris shortcut on your Desktop.


    Q: I was in game earlier but now I don’t see the ‘Play Now’ button on the small launcher window. How do I start the game again?
    A: You can double-click on the Iris shortcut that is on your Desktop. It will restart the Launcher in full and you can click the Play Now button there to start.